add:north was founded by two childhood friends and two brothers, linked via engineering studies at Chalmers University of Technology, who are technical enthusiasts and have a long experience from the plastics industry. When we started to 3D-print, we soon realized that it was a bit tricky to acquire high quality materials and that many resellers had issues with stock levels and deliveries from foreign countries. Therefore, we founded the start-up add:north and moved to a swedish plastics and entrepreneurship cluster into an old textile factory where the first filament line was set up.

Our connection to Chalmers has also led to development projects of new 3D-printable bio plastics, which are now ongoing and are partly financed by the governmental innovation agencies Vinnova and Almi. 3D printing offers unique possibilities to test new materials and we want to be in the forefront in contributing to replacing the black carbon atom with the green one in all possible parts of society.

Product Range

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There are many stages in the process of making a filament. First, we prepare raw materials. Then we extrude the filament, roll it on a spool and pack it. During each of these stages we follow rigorous quality control procedures so that no contaminants can get into the filament. We check the filament diameter using a laser micrometer which ensures the best dimensional tolerance. We always declare the dimensional tolerance on the box.


When choosing raw materials for our production, we rely on tried and tested sources. We co-operate with companies in various countries in order to choose materials characterized by the best parameters. We check the raw materials for quality at every stage – first during the production, then during the printing –to make sure that the ready-to-use filament is of the highest quality.

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