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Intellectual Property (IP) is a fundamental right for every business. At Royalforged, it’s also one of our core values. Intellectual property protection is critical to fostering innovation. Without protection of ideas, businesses and individuals would not reap the full benefits of their inventions and would focus less on research and development. So, in Royalforged we will never sell or recommend a "clone" or "copy" component for you.

Patent Pending Components from the manufacture


Creative Commons, Open Source Stance and Intellectual Property

Open source hardware is a core part of the 3D printing community, especially when considering the Rep Rap movement that kickstarted affordable desktop 3D printing. We fully support the open source movement and have a unique stance on intellectual property. 


All companies need intellectual property to survive, including open source companies. Brand integrity cannot be maintained without the likes of enforceable copyrights and trademarks. Similarly, certain products benefit from patent protection due to their innovative nature and the associated cost in time and resources to bring that innovation to life. 

Mosquito Magnum Hotend

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Mosquito  Hotend

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Created by World-Leading Polymer Scientists.

Back in January of 2018, the journey began. We went straight to the top - adhesive-specialized material scientists. Very quickly, we created the perfect adhesive, keeping high-performance materials like solidly attached to the build plate -- no mess, no wasted time, just pure grip.


Here at Vision Miner, we know how tough printing high-temperature thermoplastics can be. There’s nothing worse than starting a print job just to find out that your base layer shifted and your printer has been extruding on open air for the past five hours.

That’s why we spent almost a YEAR consulting material scientists to formulate a new nano polymer adhesive -- light years ahead of what any glue stick can do.

Formulated in Costa Mesa, California, we're proud to finally announce the BEST build plate adhesive for high-temperature thermoplastics. Designed specifically for PEEK and PEI, this build plate glue is our solution for adhesion with extreme pulling forces. 


Withstanding pull-force pressures over 20,000 PSI, this adhesive works on multiple surfaces -- borosilicate glass, carbon fiber, PEI, and more.