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FarSoon FS421M

Medium-Large Scale Metal Laser Sintering System
with Continuous Production Capability

Metal Laser Powder Based Fusion

CAMS Concept boosts machine turn-over rate

Extensive build envelope of 425 x 425 x 420 mm

High productivity with dual 500-watt lasers option

Introducing FS421M System

CAMS - Continuous Additive Manufacturing Solution, is developed to address the growing movement of the additive industry into true manufacturing as well as future models of production such as Industry 4.0. The CAMS vision is to offer continuous AM production through vertical scalability and modularization capable of integrating into any industrial manufacturing facility. FS421M is the first metal system designed under CAMS concept for industrial scale series production.

FarSoon FS421M

Efficiency + Safety

The FS421M comes equipped with an all-new advanced industrial powder handling system. Powder supply, building, breakout, and sieving are operated under inert atmosphere. The FS421M's powerful and highly efficient air filtration systems allows for the processing of reactive materials while it's high capacity and auto-cleaning capability allows for extended use between filter changes.

Industrial Applications with FS421M

With the industrial scale build size and enhanced production capability, CAMS FS421M platform is the optimal series production tool for high quality medium to large sized end-use components for a significant lower price per part.

Discover FS421M System

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