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Polymaker™ PolyCast™

About The Materials 

This Specialty family provides unique filaments from Polymaker to unlock new 3D printing applications.

  • Complies with the REACH regulation and the RoHS directive

PolyCast™ is a filament designed to produce investment patterns for investment casting applications. 3D printing significantly cuts down both the cost and lead time by eliminating the tooling process.


Features Polymaker's Technology

PolyCast™ features Polymaker's Layer-Free™ technology

Layer-Free™ technology involves exposing a 3D printed part to an aerosol of micro-sized alcohol droplets, generated by a rapidly vibrating, perforated membrane called the nebulizer. The aerosol will then be adsorbed by the surface of the 3D printed part and render it smooth and layer-free.

PolyCast™ features Polymaker's Ash-Free™ technology:

Ash-Free™ technology allows Polymaker’s filament which has been designed for investment casting to burn off cleanly without any residue, enabling defect-free metal parts. 3D printing has been used to produce investment casting patterns as it cuts down both the cost and lead time for small-volume production run


Packaging Informations


✔️Injection Molding

Materials Informations




750g, 3kg

1.75mm, 2.85mm