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Isotropic properties • Functional Parts • Lead-Time from 7 days


Our MJF 3D printing service

From prototyping to small-batch production, our global network of certified MJF 3D printing facilities will allow you to produce highly accurate parts with quality comparable to injection molding.

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MJF Capabilities

Maximum build size (mm)

356 x 356 x 356

Standard lead time (in working days)


Dimensional accuracy (mm)

± 0.20 mm or 0.20 %

Layer height (μm)


Available materials for MJF

MJF produces parts from engineering thermoplastics. Here is the list of our standard MJF 3D printing materials at Royalforged3D.


Materials List

Materials Type
HP Fullcolor Nylon PA 11 (Nylon 12)

Produce functional parts in full color in a fraction of the time with HP industrial color or mono 3D printers, ideal for color and white parts like jigs, fixtures, labeling, presentation models, functional prototypes.

HP PA 11 (Nylon 11)
This thermoplastic delivers optimal mechanical properties, ideal for strong, ductile, functional parts. It also has excellent chemical resistance and enhanced elongation-at-break. Ideal for impact resistance and ductility for prostheses, insoles, sports goods, snap fits, living hinges, and more.
HP PA 12 (Nylon 12)

Nylon 12 is a robust thermoplastic with all-around excellent physical properties and chemical resistance, ideal for functional prototypes and end-use applications.

Glass-filled HP PA 12
Glass-filled nylon is reinforced with glass bead and creates parts with higher stiffness and thermal stability than standard nylon.

Our MJF manufacturing standards

We manufacture your parts according to strict manufacturing standards. A verification of these requirements is included in our inspection report that is shipped with every order.


  • A dimensional accuracy ± 0.20 % with a lower limit of ± 0.20 mm 

  • Consistent surface finish with no bumps or delamination.


Post processing for MJF 3D Printing

Standard (no additional post-processing)
  • With 3D printing technologies that use materials in powder form, such as Binder Jetting and SLS, the post-processing stage begins by first removing unused powder. This is then followed by either surface finishing operations and light polishing,

  • All printing parts is clean and dry as a standard post- processing work without extra charges before shipped out


Features Add-Ons Post processing for MJF

Additional post processes can be applied to improve the appearance or mechanical properties of parts produced with MJF.

See Full add-ons post processing and surface finishing work.
Add-ons post processing for the MJF Printing
  • Painting

  • Spraying

  • CNC Precision

  • Sanding

  • Polishing

  • Dyeing

  • Tapping 

  • Threading


Contact us for add-on post-processing service via live-chat on the dashboard

Ideal MJF applications

Our in-house manufacturing experts recommend using MJF for the following use cases.
Functional prototyping

MJF is ideal for fabricating functional prototypes from durable, chemically resistant engineering thermoplastics.



Strength: Medium/High
Appearance: Smooth surface
Quantity: 1-5 parts

Low-volume production

MJF is cost-competitive to injection molding for low-volume manufacturing of end-use plastics parts for quantities up to 300 units.


Strength: Medium/High
Appearance: Injection molding-like
Quantity: 10-300 parts

For businesses of all sizes

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