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When the world changes, business changes too. At RF Solutions Enterprise hardware, software, and services work together to give your employees the power and flexibility to do whatever needs doing — wherever that may be.

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With great power comes great productivity.

With RF Solutions Enterprise hardware, software, and services work together to deliver a seamless experience that just works. You can start a project, research and development with our materials or component. We provide alternative way and variety of materials selection for your R&D purposed.


The professional materials filaments maker, such as Antibacterials PLA, ESD-Safe, Carbon / Glass Fibre reinforced, PEEK & ULTEM PEI which is suitable for more advance purpose R&D.

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Slice Engineering

The mosquito hotend, vanadium nozzle will bring the machine to another level, in the terms of Speed, Extruder temperatures, and printable materials from PLA to ULTEM PEI

Vision Miner

The Adhesive just give a simplest way to solve the wrapping issues, not in a series of products which need different glue stick for different materials, as Vision Miner just have one type of Adhesive and enough for every materials. 

8 Colour, or materials in one print.

Communicate your ideas with realistic, multi-colour prints. Palette 3 Pro enables you to achieve prints with up to 8 different colours.

Achieve high-quality, functional prints by combining flexible and rigid materials. Or, simplify prints with challenging overhangs using breakaway or soluble support.

Mosaic Mfg - Palette 

Polymaker's various range of series such as PolyLite™, PolyMax™, PolyFlex™, PolyMide™ and the speciality filament which is best to suit with your printing requirements