Royalfoged Seasonal Pass

Seasonal Pass

The simplicity of Royalforged.
In a membership.

With this membership you can enjoy the various benefits of the 3D Printing Essentials

Passion – together, even greater.

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A rush of happiness, a growing excitement, a symphony of the senses. However you describe it, using a 3d printer is an emotional experience! A passion that can only increase when you share it — in the Royalforged Private Lounge. This exclusive community unites performance enthusiasts from all over the world. You have firsthand access to insider knowledge and benefit from a valuable contact network. Member only!


Experiences – together, even more intense.

Unimaginable, unparalleled, unforgettable. There’s no way around these words once you have participated in the Private Lounge event. You will experience moments full of intense emotion and share them with people who love performance as much as you do. The events that we, together with our partners, offer you cannot be found anywhere else. There are exclusive event highlights, such as the "RF Private Lounge Days".  Another series of high-quality events is "RF Insights". This event series is all about new products which are priority for member only.

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What is the benefits of seasonal pass

Physical Card

Get a limited edition Royalforged Seasonal Pass to enjoy all the benefit of this pass


This card enable you to personalised which is only for you. A premium grade laser engraving and unique serial number.

The lowest price in the market.

The price for all the products is the lowest that you can found in the market.

Birthday benefits

Birthday benefits, birthday surprise, birthday offer & sales for you in the birthday week

Priority purchase

Some of the items is limited due to the shortage, but we reserve it for private lounge.

Free Shipping*

Enjoy the free shipping program during the seasonal pass period.