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Voron Design

Voron 2.4

ENDLESS Supremacy

The ultimate SUV, always CR-V. Its advantage is undeniable, its legacy unquestionable. Belonging to those who truly desire ENDLESS SUPREMACY.

Build volume up to 125L and is extandable and customizable

PEI-coated flexible build plate

Built in HEPA filtration system

Click and print with 280+ materials

Slogan 2

HIWIN Linear Rails

Quieter printing doesn't necessarily mean slower speed. Switchwire accordingly increases the leads of the X and Y axes' screw rods, ensuring a stable and fast working speed.

Screenshot 2023-08-18 at 13.27.59.png

Build in LED Strips

Showcase the interior according to your personal preferences or current mood. With the different colours you can experience a unique feelgood atmosphere throughout the interior.

Screenshot 2023-08-18 at 13.27.59.png

Touch Screen Display

The 5-inch Touchscreen is big enough for comfortable operation. Better yet, its intuitive navigation makes for flowing and effective user experience.

Screenshot 2023-08-18 at 13.27.59.png

Additional features packed into.


2 Layer ULTEM™ PEI Platform

Tiny dots may appear on the PEI-Ultem surface. These can slightly affect the finished print bottom surface.

HEPA Filtration

A dense pack of activated carbon is also added to absorb VOCs that no other filters can capture. Unpleasant odor is no longer a problem.


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