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LPBF Metal 3D Printing Solutions

Rethink Metal Part Design And Produce Products, Components And Tools With Reduced Weight, Increased Functionalities And Simplified Assemblies.

Your Production Tools for Industrial Plastic AM

As a technology innovator, Farsoon offers high quality, industrial level metal Laser Powder Bed Fusion systems featuring a wide range of build envelope size and production capability with great ROI. Equipped with powerful multi-laser options, advanced scanning systems, in-build monitoring and many other features, Farsoon metal machines produce high-quality, repeatable parts with excellent mechanical performance, accuracy, and surface finishes.

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This automotive suspension upright innovative design allows for enhanced structural integration thanks to Farsoon’s additive technology. Farsoon offers a wide range of metal materials, as well as parameter sets to produce functional automotive parts features outstanding mechanical performance that meet the highest standards in the industry. 

Molds & Tooling

Working closely with industry pioneers in molds & tooling sector, Farsoon’s application team has conducted a large number of tests to develop processing parameters for including the laser power, scanning strategies, internal - stress releasing as well as heat treatment for tooling material powders use on our laser powder fusion systems.

Research & Developments

Combining years of additive manufacturing experience and industry-specific knowledge, application experts from Farsoon are ready to assist you with any 3D printing needs, from optimizing design, performance, economy customization to series production

Compatible materials

FarSoon Stainless Steel (15-5 PH)

15-5PH Stainless steel is well known for an increased designated toughness in comparison to 17-4PH. It is capable of maintaining its high strength and corrosion resistance at an elevated temperature.

FarSoon Stainless Steel (420)

Martensitic stainless steel that provides great corrosion resistance with increased strength and enhanced hardness for long term service, making it the perfect choice for engineering components, dental and surgical instruments, valve and pump parts.

FarSoon Stainless Steel (316L)

Austenitic high chromium steel offering good mechanical properties and excellent corrosion resistance, making it an ideal material solution for versatile applications in aerospace, automotive, consumer products, medical and more.

FarSoon Maraging Steel Grade 300

Maraging Steel Grade 300 is a genuine tool steel offering superior mechanical properties. It can be easily heat treated for a higher level of hardness, strength and stability -- making it the perfect material for both cold and hot working tooling operation.

FarSoon Cobalt Chrome (CoCrMoW)

CoCrMoW is composed of Cobalt, chromium, molybdenum, and tungsten alloy especially suited for medical, dental crown and high-temperature applications.

FarSoon Cobalt Chrome (CoCrMo)

Featuring a specific high strength, corrosion resistance and biocompatibility, the cobalt chrome alloys are commonly used in dental implants, orthopedic implants. Farsoon offers CoCrMo and CoCrMoW from the material family with optimized processing parameter sets qualified on Farsoon metal systems for your production.

View our Metal LPBF Machine.

Large-format, production platforms

Addressing the challenges in metal manufacturing focusing around size constraints, process control, cost-efficiency and production scalability, Farsoon developed the large-format production platforms for high-volume series production targeted applications aiming to open up new potential opportunities in molds & tooling, automotive and large-format industrial manufacturing.



The Next Generation of High speed Laser Sintering. Impressive Detail Resolution.



Maximized Plastic LPBF Production speed & Turn-over rate. With FLIGHT® Technology Dual-laser Configuration



Flagship Plastic LPBF Production System tried & trusted by global industrial users

Versatile & Accessible Metal platforms

The medium to small framed Farsoon metal systems are designated to address productivity, reduced operational cost, ease of use, and industrial workflow in the metal additive manufacturing.



A Powerful + Flexible Platform for Material Development And High-temperature Applications



Accessible industrial Plastic Laser Sintering machine for your additive manufacturing needs



A Powerful + Super Temperature industrial 3D printer  for your additive manufacturing needs



Accessible industrial Plastic Laser Sintering machine for your additive manufacturing needs

Compared Metal LPBF Printer Model

Compared with all powder based plastic machine

Specification information provided by officials manufacture published. 

Approx. Investment Cost in MYR.


Industrial Solutions

With RF Solutions Enterprise 3d printer machine, materials, and services work together to deliver a seamless experience that just works. You can start a project, research and development with our materials or component. We provide alternative way and variety of materials selection for your R&D purposed.

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