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Are your specifications complex and is the existing offer currently available on the market unable to satisfy all your demands? In RF Solutions Enterprise, we can full-filled the 3D materials of your dreams. Our manufacturing teams partners' take into account all the constraints of your industry and project to exclusively develop filaments created just for you!

RF Solutions Enterprise is the hub for the whole range of expertise offered by our manufacturing partner's expert specializing in polymers and bespoke 3D materials formulation. We offer you our know-how to co-design filaments providing innovative properties that fully meet your requirements. Agile and responsive,  exploits the talent and ingenuity of its experts to manage every design phase of your filament. From project launch, the Royalforged offers you the full range of its expertise to conceive and produce your ideal 3D material within the required lead time.

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A team of 3D materials formulation experts at your service

RF Solutions Enterprise will provide you with R&D project support to design and produce custom 3D materials that fully meet your specifications. The experts within our partners' design department are specialists in the formulation and transformation of materials for the additive manufacturing sector. Composed of multi-disciplinary experts with complementary skills, our engineers and technicians are therefore able to provide you with the advice and support you require to create a 3D material capable of meeting the demands of your industrial applications.

How our partner's works?

Combining innovation with performance

It is the objective of our laboratory to design high-performance 3D materials created to meet your requirements in every respect. To provide your project with the highest possible level of added value, regardless of your application or constraints, we will share with you our breadth of experience gained in the field of additive manufacturing. The hi-tech qualities of our equipment and the recognized expertise of our partner's Lab experts enable us to develop innovative filaments offering high added value. The exacting demands of all our testing and simulation systems enable you to incorporate a ready-to-use 3D material within your industrial processes, meeting all your technical, functional, regulatory and esthetic constraints.

Creative process
Engineer Working on Machinery
Engineer Working on Machinery

Combining innovation with A unique and innovative response to every project

Our partners' Lab enjoys a comprehensive understanding of the constraints relating to the integration of additive manufacturing within industrial processes and is fully proficient in the formulation of all types of 3D materials. Our laboratory will only work on technical solutions able to meet the demands of your project. All the materials designed at the their Lab are the fruit of our ingenuity and know-how in 3D innovation. Every project is unique for us: our approach resolutely focuses on understanding your needs and analyzing your specifications and constraints to ensure complete satisfaction.

Our Materials range is the fruit of our know-how in 3D materials formulation
Your wish is not in our list ? Don't hesitate to contact us to full-filled your wish.

If the materials you need for your project but it is not in our current materials range, we will provide a solutions for you to full-filled your project requirements, such as import trade with low order quantity.


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