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Biodegradable - with the right infrastructure

Although PLA is compostable and recyclable, it requires a sophisticated industrial composting facility. Most facilities today don't separate and recycle plastics. Also, mixing petro-based plastics with bioplastics poses a problem for the facility as it degrades the quality and specification of the recycled material. The plastics need to be separated before sent to a recycling center. Today, most PLA ends up in a landfill and estimates of its decomposition time range between 100 and 1,000 years. During that time the material releases methane gas (25 CO2 equivalents). The amount depends on additives and the raw material.

Report from our supplier, Add:North 

Intensive in R&D and Quality Controls

At the core of Polymaker is our research & development laboratory, this is where all our materials are formulated and fine-tuned from the ground up to create the best in class 3D printing materials. Our precision testing equipment combines the latest advancements in technology to ensure we are ahead of the game.

Polymaker implements a rigorous quality control check on all materials. Utilizing our state of the art technology, we measure both the roundness and diameter of our filaments many thousand times a second, monitoring our processes with strict tolerances. We also have a number of processes and technologies that set apart Polymaker materials.

Report from our supplier, Polymaker

Approch & Teams

Our approach to work is informed by our full understanding of the industry. We know how important 3D printing is and how it can influence the development of various fields. We know that the users of this technology want new solutions, good quality materials with unique properties and a wide range of colours to choose from. We want to share our knowledge and experience. We want to be part of a community that shares our passion for 3D printing.

We are a group of enthusiasts with many years of experience. We are constantly looking for the inspiration to come up with new products. We pay particular attention to our products’ quality. We can’t stop searching for new solutions and technologies. We use this knowledge at every stage of our work: from research through raw materials selection and testing all the way to the final results.

Report from our supplier, Fiberlogy

Innovations & Variety

We invest in the latest technologies and innovative production techniques. We are up to date withthe latest trends as we want our products to set the standards for the 3D printing market. We make our filaments from the best raw materials available that offer unique parameters. This way we are able to adapt our offer to the ever-changing world and its needs by making 3D printing even easier.

We develop filaments of various properties, appropriate for different fields. Our products can be used in different industries, from architecture to children’s toys. To meet the needs of our customers, we continue to expand our range with new filaments with unique parameters. All this is possible thanks to our cutting-edge production line and highly qualified technicians.

Report from our supplier, Fiberlogy


Matt Howlett, President/Founder, has 25 years of experience in the high-performance polymers industry, including Bayer, DSM, and Solvay.   He brings with him the drive to create innovative solutions to solve difficult technical challenges.  Each of the materials he develops is focused on functionality.  “What function will this material perform that current materials cannot?”  If we can’t answer that question – we won’t make it.   Matt’s background includes 25 years in the plastics/chemical industry, a BS in Plastics Engineering, an MBA, and a JD in Intellectual Property Law.

Report from our supplier, 3DXTECH

Industrial Building


PLA is almost exclusively made out of food sources like corn or sugar canes. Biobased and biodegradeable – but is it ethically sustainable to make plastics out of food? Also, could we establish a PLA production in Northern Europe? To take sustainability in 3D-printing to the next level, we are now running a VINNOVA-financed project together with Chalmers, RISE Processum, SEKAB and Perstorp with the aim to use cellulose from side-streams in the swedish forest industry as base for PLA production.

Sweden’s geographical area is 70% covered with forest. When wood is processed, side streams such as saw-dust and fiber reject from paper mass processing occur, which contains high level of cellulose. Everything that is needed for PLA production raw material-wise is found in the cellulose, but it is harder to process than purer carbohydrate sources. With the latest technology and research from RISE Processum, we are now solving this by developing a sufficiently efficient production process for industrial processing of PLA, from cellulose that would otherwise have gone to heating. This is a big step towards replacing the black carbon atom with the green carbon atom in our society.



We strive to provide our customers with the most dependable and accurate Technical Data Sheets (TDS) and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for our products.  

This data was generated on actual 3D printed ISO specimen and tested by our resin company partners.  


We believe that the best use of this data is to assist our customers in comparing between grades of materials so they can choose which may be the most appropriate for a given application.

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Our filaments are produced by high-class German machines with the use of high quality raw materials. We do our best to ensure that the process of production complies with all the norms, which translates into the high quality of the end-product. We give the materials the best protection possible so that they are not damaged mechanically during their transportation or due to unfavourable external factors.

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