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FarSoon 252P Series

A Powerful + Super Temperature industrial 3D printer
for your additive manufacturing needs

Plastic Laser Powder Based Fusion

Super Temperature capable up to 280°C

Versatile build envelope
250 × 250 × 320 mm

Powerful 100 or 55-watt CO2 laser

Introducing 252P Series

The 252P series offers a compact build envelope size, robust high-temperature capabilities combined with truly open parameter strategy making it the best flexible machine solution for SLS material development and small batch economy production.

FarSoon 252P Series

High Temperature

The 252P series is capable of achieving chamber temperatures of up to 220°C and 280°C with the HT252P and ST252P systems. Enhanced temperature shielding, laser power and thermal controls enable the 252P series to process high-performance materials such as PA6, PA66, PPS, PEI, PEKK and PAEK for direct-use applications.

Industrial Applications with 252P Series

With truly open systems and profound industry know-how in SLS material engineering, Farsoon has established long-term partnerships with many industry-leading material manufacturers. By working closely together, we test 3rd party materials in the development process, provide customers verified material + AM system solution to support new applications with new polymer materials.

Discover 252P Series System

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