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FarSoon 403P Series

Flagship Plastic LPBF Production System
tried & trusted by global industrial users

Plastic Laser Powder Based Fusion

Production-ready Open Platform System

Industrial-scale build envelope up to 400 x 400 x 540 mm

Powerful 100-watt CO2 laser enable high productivity

Introducing 403P Series

The 403P series is Farsoon’s flagship production polymer system. The 403P Series is offered in multiple configurations ranging from our education system to our high-temperature-capable configuration. Enhanced temperature shielding, laser power and thermal controls enable the 403P series to meet needs from value-based prototyping to full production of Polymer parts.

FarSoon 403P Series

High Temperature

The 403P series is offered in a high-temperature-capable configuration up to 220℃. Enhanced temperature shielding, laser power and thermal controls enable the HT403P to process high-performance materials, such as PA6, for highly functional, direct end-use applications.

Industrial Applications with 403P Series

Farsoon’s 403P series is engineered to do the job and to be productive, economy, and reliable. With the expanded build envelope, high-temperature capability and the flexibility with material choice, 403P Series has been the perfect choice for rapid prototyping and small batch end-use part manufacturing amongst many production-oriented customers.

Discover 403P Series System

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