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FarSoon eForm

Accessible industrial Plastic Laser Sintering machine
for your additive manufacturing needs

Plastic Laser Powder Based Fusion

Temperature capable up to 190°C

Versatile build envelope
250 × 250 × 320 mm

Industrial 30-watt CO2 laser

Introducing eForm

With robust small-batch manufacturing capabilities and best flexibility with material selection on the market, eForm is able to produce high quality, repeatable parts that can meet the highest industry standards. Weather you are new to the additive manufacturing market, or looking at expanding your plastic manufacturing production capabilities, eForm can perfectly meet your specific needs of productivity, economy, and reliability.

FarSoon eForm

Cost Performance

The eForm plastic laser sintering system is an entry level system with all the functionality and power of an industrial level system. With state-of-the-art processing systems combined with Farsoon’s powerful control software the eForm is able to achieve highly detailed and functional parts.

Industrial Applications with eForm

The eForm plastic laser sintering system is a high value proposition system with all the functionality and power of our industrial level systems. This makes the eForm an ideal option from new users entering the industrial additive space to seasoned users looking for multiple machines that are material specific

Discover eForm System

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