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FarSoon FLIGHT® 403P Series

The Next Generation of High-speed Laser Sintering.
Impressive Detail Resolution.

Plastic Laser Powder Based Fusion

Powerful single 500-watt fiber laser enable superior production speed

Industrial-scale build envelope up to 400 x 400 x 540 mm

Featured details as small as 0.3mm

Introducing FLIGHT® Technology

Farsoon is one of the first machine manufacturers to develop production-targeted industrial LPBF solutions using robust Fiber Lasers. The FLIGHT® Technology unlocks the next level of laser powder bed fusion productivity for industrial-quality parts offering extremely fine details. Also, thanks to the advanced laser powder bed fusion technology, additive agents and other consumables are not required; therefore, enabling lower operational cost and sustainable manufacturing.

FarSoon FLIGHT® 403P Series

Fast + Fine Detail

With robust laser power, improved energy distribution to the material, and smaller laser spot size, the new FLIGHT® Technology achieves significantly higher power density upon reaching the surface of the powder bed, thus enabling the full sintering of powder in an extremely short amount of time. With scanning speed of over 20m/s (66 ft/s), FLIGHT® Technology is able to achieve extreme sintering speeds that pushes the additive manufacturing productivity to a new level.

FLIGHT® Technology is able to achieve a more homogenous energy distribution over the processing surface, and a finer spot size compared to the standard laser sintering systems, while at the same time ensuring good energy penetration throughout the entire process. This results in improved feature detail compared to other plastic powder-based technologies with feature details as small as 0.3mm (0.012 inch) while still achieving the part property benefits of standard laser sintering.

Industrial Applications with FLIGHT® 403P Series

The optimal performance of FLIGHT® 403P Series combining extreme sintering speed and high feature resolution has opened up many potential markets and applications for true series production, such as electronic components, robotics, specialized tools & models, battery units, filter modules as well as many consumer products.

Discover FLIGHT® 403P Series System

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