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FarSoon FS301M

User-oriented, High Quality
Metal Production System

Metal Laser Powder Based Fusion

Outstanding quality & performance

Versatile build envelope of 305 x 305 x 410 mm

Highly productive single or dual 500-watt lasers

Introducing FS301M System

By taking the pain points from our customers which focus around productivity, safety, stability, and ease of use, it led us to co-innovating with Farsoon’s key partners from various industries such as aerospace and tooling, Farsoon has created a system truly suited for industry. By working closely with these industry partners, the FS301M was designed to meet desired user operations, including production speed, powder management, machine factory layout, quality of finished parts, ease of operation and serviceability.

FarSoon FS301M

Compact Footprint

FS301M features a machine footprint as small as 3.64 sqm with an integrated, long-lasting filtration system of operation time up to 1500 hours. With designated operation access from only the front and the rear, FS301M achieves one of the most compact installation spaces among similar sized PBF systems on the market. In an additive factory setting, FS301M enables high density layout with minimal side distance to achieve maximum throughput per floor area at economical additive production cost.

Industrial Applications with FS301M

Farsoon’s openness to truly co-innovate by working with industry customers allows FS301M to be a truly user-friendly system. Created to meet the demanding requirements with an end use aviation customer in the U.S., the testing data from the joint process development on the FS301M for Ti6Al4V Titanium shows industry-leading performance for additive and near-wrought properties.

Discover FS301M System

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