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FarSoon FS721M

Large-frame Metal System boosts
optimal productivity and great ROI

Metal Laser Powder Based Fusion

Integrated powder handling station for ease of operation

Extensive build envelope of 720 x 420 x 420 mm

Fast production speed with dual or quad 500-watt lasers

Introducing FS721M System

Addressing the challenges in metal manufacturing focusing around size constraints, process control, cost-efficiency and production scalability, Farsoon developed the FS721M with an industry-leading build volume of 720 x 420 x 420 mm and equipped with 2 or 4 lasers with 500W each. The FS721M 8-laser configuration is currently under Beta status. It offers many unique capabilities featuring productivity, quality, operational ease and best cost-to-performance.

FarSoon FS721M

Production Ready

The FS721M was from the very beginning designed for productivity. It’s large build volume of 720 x 420 x 420mm is one of the largest currently available in the metal laser powder bed fusion landscape. The rectangular build volume is optimized for the production of large parts which favor one axis, this is especially valuable in industries such as automotive and tooling. Also, the rectangular build chamber is well suited for multi-laser configuration to boost industry-leading build rate.

Industrial Applications with FS721M

Featuring a unique rectangular industrial sized build platform, FS721M are well suited for large-scaled application favored one axis, or high-volume series production targeted applications aiming to open up new potential opportunities in molds & tooling, automotive and large-format industrial manufacturing.

Discover FS721M System

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