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3DXTECH™ CarbonX™ PEKK-A + CF15

About The Materials 

CarbonX™ PEKK+CF15 Ultra Polymer is made using PEKK-A [60/40 copolymer] and 15% Toray T-800 aerospace-grade chopped carbon fiber. This polymer is used in a wide variety of end-use applications where exceptional thermal, mechanical, and chemical resistance is required.

Materials Documentations

CarbonX™ CF PEKK-A [Aerospace] Printing Filament

CarbonX™ Carbon Fiber PEKK-A (PolyEtherKetoneKetone) aerospace-grade performance is made possible using PEKK (60/40 copolymer) and Toray T-800 aerospace-grade chopped carbon fiber. This combination makes for one of the highest-performance polymer compounds in world. A leading material in the PAEK family, PEKK has exceptionally good mechanical, thermal, and chemical resistance properties. It is also not only substantially easier to print than PEEK.

The premium Toray® Aerospace-Grade carbon fiber reinforcement makes this a compound purpose built for extreme applications which require extreme thermal, mechanical, and chemical resistance properties. CarbonX™ PEKK products have a lower melt temperature as well as lower rate and degree of crystallinity than PEEK, which aids in the remarkable ease of printing.

Benefits of CF PEKK-A [Aerospace] Includes:

  • Substantially easier to 3D print than PEEK

  • Wide processing window from 360-390°C (ideal), up to 430°C if needed

  • Tg of 160°C, HDT of 150°C, and a Tm of 305°C

  • Inherently flame resistant (UL94 V-0)

  • Low smoke generation

  • Outstanding mechanical, thermal, and chemical resistances