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3DXTECH™ ezPC™ Easy Polycarbonate

About The Materials 

ezPC™ (Polycarbonate) is a premium Polycarbonate created for ease of printing on the widest array of 3D printers. ezPC™ prints like a dream while offering low warp, excellent mechanical properties, heat resistance, and outstanding impact resistance. Ease of printing and excellent properties – the best of both worlds!

Materials Documentations

ezPC™ Polycarbonate 3D Printer Filament

We absolutely love printing ezPC™! This polymer was developed specifically for 3D printing functional prototypes and end-use parts. It was formulated to allow for ease of printing coupled with exceptional mechanical and thermal properties.

ezPC™ Polycarbonate is an excellent choice for printing parts that would ordinarily fail when using standard materials such as PLA, PETG, or ABS. We consider this an excellent bridge in performance between these lower performance materials and higher priced materials such as Ultem or PEEK.

Benefits of ezPC Include:

  • Low warp, high heat resistance, and excellent mechanical properties

  • Ease of use on a wide array of printers, no heated chamber needed!

  • High thermal properties with a Tg of 118°C and HDT of 112°C

  • Superior thermal properties vs. PLA, PETG, ABS, and ASA

  • No odors or hazardous fumes while printing making it ideal for a home or office environment

  • Perfect for functional end-use parts as well as prototypes

  • Excellent adhesion to our AquaTek™ X1 USM Water Soluble Support







1.75mm, 2.85mm