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3DXTECH™ FiberX™ PA6 + GF30

About The Materials 

FibreX™ PA6+GF30 glass fiber reinforced nylon copolymer is an engineering-grade material that has excellent mechanical and thermal properties [HDT of 170°C] while offering ease of printing in a wide array of desktop printers. This material is a must-have when printing functional prototypes and production parts.

Materials Documentations

FibreX™ Nylon+GF30 30% Glass Fiber Reinforced Nylon

Our Nylon+GF30 glass fiber reinforced Nylon 6 Copolymer (PA6) is nothing less than an industrial-grade beast! Formulated to be exceptionally stiff and strong, all without being brittle. Polyamides (PA) are the work horse of the plastics industry the world over thanks to their excellent mechanical, chemical, and thermal resistance. The addition of heavy glass fiber reinforcement takes it to the next level.

Benefits of Nylon+GF30 Include:

  • Printable on practically any 3D printer with a heated bed

  • Ideal for structural engineering-grade applications

  • Exceptionally stiff and strong, without being brittle

  • Excellent chemical resistance makes it suitable for automotive and industrial applications

  • Resists fuels, lubricants, heat, and mechanical loading

  • High thermal properties keep it strong up to 170°C in use, depending on printing and mechanical loads applied

  • Glass fiber reinforcement improves dimensional stability, reduces shrinkage, lift, and warp

  • Very strong layer bonding