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RigidX is a carbon fiber-reinforced PETG filament, which combines the excellent chemical, heat and UV-resistance of regular PETG with the strength and stiffness of carbon fibers. It also adds about 10-20°C in heat resistance, making it the perfect material for a broad range of demanding applications, such as vehicle parts, fixtures or jiggs.

The Rigid X is very easy to use, with a quite broad range of settings you can achieve maximum layer adhesion and a beautiful surface finish, with zero warping.

* Carbon fiber-reinforced PETG

* Chemical, heat and UV-resistance

* Perfect for jiggs and fixtures


Diameter tolerance: ±0.025mm

Spool size: 

  140 x 54 x 44 mm (100 - 250 g)

   200 x 52 x 55 mm (500 - 1000 g)

   200 x 52 x 66 mm (1000 g Economy lines)

   300 x 52 x 102 mm (1500 - 2300 g)

   350 x 52 x 100 mm (5000g)

Weight filament: 1000g

Weight empty spool:

   110 g (100 - 250 g)

   215 g (500 - 1000 g)

   235 g (1000 g Economy lines)

   545 g (1500 - 2300 g)

   785 g (5000g)

Hygroscopy: Low

Chemical resistance: Low

Silicone free: Yes

Print temperature: 245-265 °C

UV resistance: Medium

Working temperature: 90 °C

Bed temperature: 70 °C


Wear resistance: High

Density: 1.3


Recyclable: Yes

BPH free: Yes

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