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Sponsorship Program

We are pride to support STEM-related program and offer a chance of educational sponsorship for public or private colleges, universities, vocational schools, & institutions.

To apply for sponsorship program or discount, please complete the below form and submit the required identification. Once you have submitted this form and we have approved the sponsorship or discount, our team will email you with the additional details and confirmation of activation.

Our Sponsorship program is categories into two categories which is Educational Sponsorship and Competition Sponsorship. 

Educational Sponsorship

  1. Institution / School / University event such as Engineering Fair, Open Day, STEM Event, Engineering or Technology conferences etc

  2. Student FYP (Final Year Project)

  3. Student Research Paper

  4. Institution / School / University Club or Labs collaborations.

  5. Others event which organised by Institution / School / University

Competition Sponsorship

  1. STEM Related competitions such as SUMO ROBOT, Robot Combat, Drone FPV, Roborace etc.

Sponsorship Type*

  • Product discount 

  • 100% Sponsorship 

*Notes that the sponsorship type will be depending on level of competition, purposed of sponsorship and others criteria. Contact us for more details

Sponsorship Type*

  • 3D Printing Materials 

  • 3D Printing Services

  • 3D Printing Essentials 

Apply for Education Sponsorship


+(60) 11 5646 4911


Sponsorship Type

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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