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DyzEnd Pro & DyzeXtruder Pro

High Speed.
High Flow. High Temp.

Dyze Design’s Pro SerieExtruder & Hotend kit: High performance, high speed, high flow, high-temperature, and high pushing force. Equipped with an ultra wear resistant nozzle in tungsten carbide.

Unleash the true potential of 3d printing

Dyze Design is creating the best high-performance 3d printer components, upgrades and accessories to improve your overall 3d printing experience. Discover our hotends, extruders, nozzles, and accessories. These essentials products will completely change the way you do 3d printing.


Tungsten Nozzle


Upgrade Kits


Liquid Cooling



Real Emotion, Shape the Future


Pulsar™ is a state-of-the-art large-scale and high flow plastic pellet extruder.
It was designed with one purpose in mind: 3D printing of parts of one m³ and more as quickly and as cost-effective as possible.
Pulsar™ is compatible with any large-scale 3d printer or even robotic arms and is able to output as much as 500mm³/s (2.5kg/h) of materials.

Automatic Pellets Feeding System.

High-Temp Materials: PEEK, ULTEM® PEI, PSU....

Anti-Oozing Mechanism 

Uniform Heating

Pulsar™ Pallet Extrusion

-The Rocket-


Typhoon™ is described as high flow and fast print all-in-one extruder toolhead specifically designed for industrial large-scale 3d printers. This print head is designed to extrude 2.85mm filament, is compatible with standard firmware and is capable of outputting a flow around 200mm³/s (0.9 kg/h). This means quicker print at a high deposit rate.

Super High Flow

Quad Pinch System

Dual Heating Zone

Quick Heatcore Changing

Filament Swap

Typhoon™ Extrusion

-The Wind-

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