Financial Services

The best tools for work and school, now with flexible financing.

With new financing solutions, it's easier than ever to bring 3D products and service solutions into your organization or institution in a way that is simple and cost-effective.

Innovative payment structures.

RF Solutions' products and service solutions are built to last, and with a high residual value they are a smart investment. RF Solutions' Financial Services builds in the future value upfront, to create compelling financial structures.

Straight forward contracts.

You can get the technology you need to run your organization or institution, with an experience that is simple, flexible and friendly — exactly as you would expect from RF Solutions Enterprise

Flexible terms.

RF Solutions' Financial Services offers you the flexibility to change as your organization or institution needs change. With customer-friendly end-of-term options, you have complete control of your refresh. You decide the right time to upgrade.


RF Solutions' Financial Services can provide your school or university with financing and refresh options to support your teaching and learning goals.

Discover how to maximize your budget so you can give your students and faculty the RF Solutions'  products and service solutions they need, when they need them.


RF Solutions' Financial Services can help your business plan for the long term, and at the same time make short term changes to support company goals.

Whether you are looking to enable a new strategy, or to adopt the latest 3D printing technology quickly, RF Solutions' Financial Services can help you make the best decision for your organization.