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HeyGears | Professional 3D Printer for Dental

HeyGears uses digital technology to revolutionize dentistry that delivers a better patient experience and standardized high-quality treatment for everyone.

Improved Chairside Workflow

HeyGears dental 3D printing solutions can deliver finished dentures faster than traditional methods. The complete denture workflow for our chairside solution takes only 2 days!

3D Printers for Dental Professionals

Scale your dental 3D printing solutions and expand your applications with accessible, reliable stereolithography (SLA) dental 3D printers.

Dentistry Series:


Fully Automated Intelligent Mass Production

UltraCraft A3D is a high-volume dental 3D printer with scalable automation capabilities. The cutting-edge A3D printer has a compatible resin station that enables fully automated 24/7 mass production of multiple applications with reliability and accuracy.

  • Automated Resin Refill & Part Removal

  • Large Scale Production Capability

  • 24/7 Non-stop Production

  • Large Build Volume

A2D 4K

A Premium Solution for High Precision and Mass Production.

UltraCraft A2D 4K is a premium 3D printer made for mass production with extreme precision. With over 4 million micromirrors, you can print precisely like never before. A2D 4K is compatible with HiVE to let you print uninterrupted 24/7.

  • Dimensional Stability

  • Ultra-high Precision

  • Large Build Volume

  • Automation Compatibility


The First Step Towards Digital Mass Production

UltraCraft A2D is a versatile, industrial-grade 3D printer designed for dental production. UltraCraft A2D meets all dental labs' production needs, printing applications such as implants, orthodontics, and restorations.

  • High Accuracy

  • Easy to Use

  • High Versatility

Dental Resin

High-Accuracy 3D Printing Materials for Dental Labs and Practices

Software & Cloud

Prepare files for printing with just a few clicks and manage your entire fleet with an easy and intuitive software package.

The Perfect Finish

Automate post-processing, consistently produce high-quality parts, and maintain a tidy workspace with less time and effort.

Why Buy From RF Solutions

Most 3D Printer sold from RF Solutions comes with a one-year limited warranty and up to 30 days of complimentary technical support. Every purchase come with RF Essentials+ Plans

RF Essential+

Include in every purchase

  • One stop for support

  • Direct access to RF Solutions experts by chat or phone

  • 1 Year Limited Hardware coverage

  • Onsite service: Request that a technician come to your work location or have a courier pick up your machine for service

  • Life-Time Industrials Pricing (Up to 30% discount) for your Spare parts, ware & tare parts, and materials

RF Factory Solution

  • Your printer, we managed

  • Zero down-time

  • Life-Time Industrials Pricing (Up to 30% discount) for your Spare parts, ware & tare parts, and materials

On Request

  1. Hardware coverage: Exclude ware & tare parts, Nozzle, Build Plate, Extruder & Hot End


Complete solutions

Every Intamsys printer come with dedicated  IntamSuite™ Neo. Get more out of your investment with our turnkey solutions. 

Easy to Learn

Instinctive ergonomics. Intuitive interfaces. Learning to 3D printing can take mere minutes.

Minimum PC requirements

Accommodates both high-performance and more budget-friendly CPUs.


Intamsys' professional-grade 3D printer can be used for a wide variety of applications. 

Wide Range Materials

We offer a variety of materials, ranging from basic to high temperature, to meet your needs for various industrial applications.


Industrial Solutions

With RF Solutions Enterprise 3d printer machine, materials, and services work together to deliver a seamless experience that just works. You can start a project, research and development with our materials or component. We provide alternative way and variety of materials selection for your R&D purposed.

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