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Bring industrial performance to your desktop

Quick change printheads with IDEX technology. Independent dual extruder (IDEX), for different printing modes as dual material printing, mirror printing, copy printing. Modular design of the printhead, quick-change system for easy installation and replacement and convenient maintenance. Dual-drive gear extruder, increase the contact surface for more torque and higher reliability.

Discover the FUNMAT PRO 310

Key features


Extruder Temp


Bed Temp


Chamber Temp

Build Size

Trusted by the world's top designers and engineers

Widely Applied in the Industrial Manufacturing Areas

A staple of industrial manufacturing, print multiple engineering materials


Multiple Printing Modes for Multiple Printing Needs


Full-Size Engineering Plastic Printing

Superior 100°C thermostatic chamber for enhanced mechanical properties of printed parts


Up to 100°C Chamber

Actively heated thermostatic build chamber with temperatures up to 100°C,

ensuring low internal stresses and good interlayer bonding of parts.

Provide better mechanical properties and suitable for printing all types of engineering plastics.


Full-size Printing

Reduce thermal deformation and shrinkage of the model during the printing process, avoid warping to achieve large format full size (305mm*260mm*260mm) printing.​


PC Printing in Heated Chamber VS Unheated Chamber

The engineering material PC is significantly affected by temperature during the printing process. When the length of one edge exceeds 150mm, 100°C constantly heated chamber can avoid warping, delamination cracking, deformation and other problems of the printed part.​​


PC Printing in Heated Chamber VS Unheated Chamber

Based on the insights of the material properties and the optimization of the printing process precipitation, the best performance of the material can be achieved. It could improve the Z-direction tensile strength of the printed parts.

Up to 20 days of continuous high quality printing

INTAM™Box, with reusable molecular sieve to keep filament dry
Ensures optimal printing conditions for the materials


Independent Sealed Keep Dry Filament Box

Standard independent sealed keep dry chamber, with reusable molecular sieve. Its active moisture absorption function keeps long-term low humidity with no need to dry the filaments repeatedly.


Anti-tangle Design

The anti-tangle design avoids tangling and knotting of filament to ensure continuous printing effect.


Printing with Dry Filament VS Damp Filament

Compared with damp filament, printing with dry filament may avoid drawing, bubbles, burrs, ensuring that nylon (PA, PA-CF) and other moisture-absorbent materials achieve continuous high-quality printing.

More Delicate Surface Finish of Complex Geometries

Ensure high-quality surface finish of printed parts in ABS/PC/PC-ABS/PA/PA-CF and other engineering materials


Independent Dual Extruders (IDEX) Design

Two printheads can run independently of each other along the same axis during the printing process, which ensures the printing quality of complex geometries parts in conjunction with the engineering material support solution.


Water-soluble Support Materials

The independent dual extruder design makes it easy to remove the support material without having to worry about the roughness of the contact surface caused by the peeling of the support material.

Easy-to-breakaway Support Material

The independent dual extruder design makes it easy to remove the support material without having to worry about the roughness of the contact surface caused by the peeling of the support material.

Unparalleled Customer Experience

FUNMAT PRO 310 provides a good experience for 3D printing beginners and experts alike


Enhanced Printing Platform

Auto mesh leveling with 100 points surface flatness measurement and automatic Z-axis compensation. Flexible build plate for easy part removal. Glue-free bed adhesion


User-friendly Interface

Intelligent interactive design, user-friendly interface, with task queue management function.


Modular Design

Plug and play modular design makes it easy to disassemble and maintain.

New Slicing Software

Automated slicing for both model design and repair

All-in-One collaborative additive manufacturing platform for

online monitoring and print process optimization


Health & Safety

High-standard safety design to ensure the health and safety of users


Built-in Air Filtration System

The HEPA filter can capture small particles generated during the printing process, and the activated carbon can absorb volatile chemicals emitted during the process.


Electromagnetic Door Lock and Door Opening Detection Sensor

Avoid personal danger caused by misoperation during printing.


Overall Thermal Insulation Design

Excellent thermal insulation design (thickened insulation layer, front door with double glass, temperature-resistant cover on the top) while the printer's working.

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