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FarSoon FLIGHT® 252P Series

A Powerful + Flexible Platform for Material Development
And High-temperature Applications

Plastic Laser Powder Based Fusion

Super Temperature capable up to 280°C

Versatile build envelope
250 × 250 × 320 mm

Powerful 300-watt fiber laser

Introducing FLIGHT® 252P Series.

The implementing of innovative FLIGHT® Technology on 252P super-temperature capable platform offers a powerful and compact machine solution for material development, providing enhanced part features as well as improved cost-performance ratio.

FarSoon FLIGHT® 252P Series

High Temperature

The FLIGHT® 252P series offers two configurations capable of achieving processing chamber temperatures from up to 220°C (HT) to 280°C (ST). Enhanced thermal controls, temperature shielded components, and enhanced parameters offer customers the ability to process high performance polymer materials.

Industrial Applications with FLIGHT® 252P Series

The optimal performance of FLIGHT® 252P Series combining high-temperature capabilities and high feature resolution has opened up many potentials for new polymer materials development to expand new markets and applications.

Discover FLIGHT® 252P Series System

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