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FarSoon FLIGHT® 403P-2 Series

Maximized Plastic LPBF Production speed & Turn-over rate
With FLIGHT® Technology Dual-laser Configuration

Plastic Laser Powder Based Fusion

Powerful dual 300-watt fiber laser enable ultra-fast production speed

Industrial-scale build envelope up to
400 x 400 x 540 mm

Ultimate production yield with lower cost per part

Showcasing FLIGHT® Technology Dual-laser Configuration

Farsoon is one of the first machine manufacturers to develop production-targeted industrial LPBF solutions using robust Fiber Lasers. Developed to address the requirements of industrial-scale series production using LPBF technology, increasing the manufacturing turn-over rate and accelerating the product-to-market cycles, the dual-laser configuration for FLIGHT® technology takes advantage of two powerful 300-watt Fiber lasers and two dynamic optical systems, creating two ultra-fine laser spots with fast scanning speed of up to 20m/s (66ft/s) for each.

FarSoon FLIGHT® 403P-2 Series


With robust laser power, improved energy distribution to the material, and smaller laser spot size, FLIGHT® Technology is able to achieves the full sintering of powder in a significant short amount of time. With two lasers scanning speed of over 20m/s (66 ft/s) each as well as the large build volume, FLIGHT® 403P-2 Series is able to achieve extreme sintering speeds that pushes the additive manufacturing productivity to a new level.

Industrial Applications with FLIGHT® 403P-2 Series

The optimal performance of FLIGHT® 403P-2 Series combining extreme sintering speed and high feature resolution has opened up many potential markets and applications for true series production, such as electronic components, robotics, specialized tools & models, battery units, filter modules as well as many consumer products.

Discover FLIGHT® 403P-2 Series System

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