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FarSoon FS273M

High Value Proposition, Medium-frame
Metal Production System

Metal Laser Powder Based Fusion

Best cost-performance on the market

Versatile build envelope of 275 x 275 x 355 mm

Highly productive single or dual 500-watt lasers

Introducing FS273M System

FS273M metal system - the next generation of FS271M - offering single or dual laser options for commercial orders. Farsoon’s FS273M is designated to address productivity, cost-efficiency, and industrial workflow in the metal additive manufacturing. With an industrial-sized 275×275×355mm build envelope, the FS273M is a powerful and versatile production tool of larger volume parts with a wide range of industrial metal materials.

FarSoon FS273M


The FS273M is a high value proposition industrial production platform. Advanced digital optics system, robust control and truly open parameters enable the user unparallel freedom of processing capability. It can achieve highly detailed, functional parts while maintaining the cost competitive advantage. Compact machine design enables denser, flexible factory layout for maximum throughput yield per floor area at an economical additive production cost.

Industrial Applications with FS273M

As our next generation of our medium-sized metal system, the FS273M system has been through years of optimizing of the productivity, machine performance through continuous collaboration with our industrial partners; meanwhile keep pushing the true industrialization of the metal additive manufacturing by reducing customers' cost of operation, especially for tight margin industries like molds & tooling.

Discover FS273M System

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