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3DXTECH™ FiberX™ PES + GF30

About The Materials 

FibreX™ PES+GF30 [Polyether Sulfone] is an ultra-performance 3D printing filament made using 30% glass fiber reinforced PES resin. This material has excellent stiffness, strength, chemical resistance, dimensional stability – and it has higher thermal properties than Ultem™!

Materials Documentations

FibreX™PES+GF30 3D Printing Filament

We formulated FibreX™ PES+GF30 specifically for 3D printing. We hand selected the fiberglass and PES base resin to assure the material prints well and offers optimal performance. This material prints best using a heated build chamber and we highly recommend the use of the Gearbox™ HT2 printer to assure the best layer bonding, strength, and dimensional stability. We see FibreX™ PES+GF30 as an excellent alternative to higher priced materials such as PEI and PEEK.

Benefits of FibreX™ PES+GF30:

  • Exceptional strength and stiffness – even at elevated temperatures up to 220°C

  • High thermal properties: Tg: 220°C, HDT: 216°C [Higher than Ultem™!]

  • Inherently flame-retardant – polymer will not sustain ignition

  • Hydrolytic stability – resistant to steam and repeated autoclave sterilization

  • Amorphous – Excellent dimensional stability and low shrinkage



Materials Informations