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3DXTECH™ Firewire® PC-ABS

About The Materials 

Firewire® Flame Retardant PC-ABS is made using a polycarbonate allow with UL94 V-0 ratings. Flame Retardant PC-ABS has improved strength and thermal properties making it ideal for printing of functional prototypes and production parts. This material is ideal for printing electrical housings, connectors, or any part that requires thermal properties [up to 110°C]

Materials Documentations

Firewire® Flame Retardant PC-ABS 3D Printing Filament

Firewire® Flame Retardant PC-ABS (polycarbonate + ABS alloy) is made using a premium UL94 V-0 rated PC-ABS. It has higher strength and thermal resistance (HDT) than ABS, alloying the mechanical properties and high-heat resistance of PC with the printability of ABS. This filament is ideal for applications which require UL94 V-0 self-extinguishing characteristics.

Benefits of Firewire Flame Retardant PC-ABS:

  • Improved durability and sturdiness in parts with highly flame-retardant, self-extinguishing properties, superior to FR-ABS alone

  • High thermal properties making it functional up to 110°C

  • Easier to print than most industrial-grade materials

  • Amorphous structure gives it lower, near isotropic shrinkage

  • Made using UL94 V-0 rated base resin


Materials Informations