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3DXTECH™ ThermaX™ HTS (High Temp Support)

About The Materials 

ThermaX™ HTS2 [High Temperature Support] break away support is ideal for printing high-temperature polymers including PSU, PES, PPSU, PPS, Ultem™ PEI, PEKK, and PEEK. This support adheres well to these advanced materials and then is broken away after printing to allow for complex geometry without damaging your part.

Materials Documentations

Thermax™ HTS2 High-Temp Support Filament [9085 Break Away Support]

Our break away high-temp support filament is ideal for use in dual extruder 3D printers designed to print high-temp materials.

HTS is the premium support for our high-temp products, unlike most support filaments, which are not designed to withstand the heat required to print the top-end of performance materials.

Works ideal with the following ThermaX™ materials:

  • PEKK [PolyEtherKetoneKetone]

  • PEEK [PolyEtherEtherKetone]

  • PEI made using ULTEM™

  • PPSU [Polyphenyl Sulfone]

  • PSU [Polysulfone]

  • PPS [Polyphenylene Sulfide]

Support Removal:

  • This is break-away support and does not dissolve.

  • High-Temp support is best removed while printed part is still warm.

  • If the finished printed part cools completely and the support removal gets too difficult, you can re-warm the part in the printer chamber or an oven not exceeding the Tg of the model material you are printing with.


Materials Informations





1.75mm, 2.85mm