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PLA Economy is for those who value material quality and fail-safe prints, but are on a budget. Produced in our robust and quality-assured production system, you are guaranteed to receive a very all-round, easy-to-use PLA filament for your every day prints. Made of 100% corn-based PLA without any nasty additives to give you a pure printing experience.

Discover your creativity with add:north PLA Economy today! 

     * All-round, easy-to-use PLA filament

     * Made of 100% corn-based PLA

     * Best value for money

 High quality print material at a very modest price! 


Diameter tolerance: ±0.025mm

Spool size:

   140 x 54 x 44 mm (100 - 250 g)

   200 x 52 x 55 mm (500 - 1000 g)

   200 x 52 x 66 mm (1000 g Economy lines)

   300 x 52 x 102 mm (1500 - 2300 g)

   350 x 52 x 100 mm (5000g)

Weight filament: 1000g

Weight empty spool:

    110 g (100 - 250 g)

    215 g (500 - 1000 g)

    235 g (1000 g Economy lines)

    545 g (1500 - 2300 g)

    785 g (5000g)

Bed temperature: No (or up to 60 °C)

Print temperature: 205-225 °C



Silicone free: Yes

Biodegradable: Yes

Biobased: Yes

[Print Guide]


205-225 degrees in the nozzle and up to 60 degrees on the building board. There are three primary factors that are affected by temperature:

Surface. Lower temp gives matte surface, higher temp gives glossier surface

Stock attachment. The bearing attachment strength increases slightly with increasing temperature. Feel free to write the first layer slightly warmer, both on the nozzle and on the building board, to increase the attachment to it.

Flow. With increasing temperature, the flow increases (viscosity decreases) and may need to be compensated with reduced flow rate and increased retraction. Correspondingly, low-temperature printers sometimes need a slightly increased flow rate and reduced retraction.

We recommend printing a temperature tower on first use to find the printer's sweet spot.


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