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Mitsubishi Chemical DURABIO™ PC/PMMA

About The Materials 

DURABIO™ developed for 3D FFF/FDM printing is a transparent bio-based engineering material developed by Mitsubishi Chemical. DURABIO™ is a transparent polymer with a high transparency similar to PMMA but with a much better impact behavior and improved heat resistance. DURABIO™ beats the well-known inferior properties of PC in regards to scratch resistance, hardness and chemical resistance. That is why DURABIO™ closes the gap between PC and PMMA.

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The advantageous properties of PC and PMMA are brought together in this unique DURABIO filament. It is a bio-based engineering filament with great value as it combines the best of both polymers. DURABIO is bio-based and outperforms normal PC filaments. Applications that require scratch resistance, hardness, and have to withstand chemicals are perfect candidates for DURABIO.

This extraordinary 3D printer filament combines most of the advantageous properties of Polycarbonate (PC) and those of Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) into one. DURABIO is a bio-based engineering filament and is an innovative renewable 3D printing filament with extraordinary properties. DURABIO filament outperforms PC for 3D printing applications that require properties such as scratch resistance, hardness, and chemical resistance. Next to that, it allows transparency properties similar to PMMA, but with much higher impact resistance and improved heat resistance. Therefore, DURABIO closes the gap between PC and PMMA.


  • Excellent optical and mechanical properties

  • Superb UV-resistance

  • Ductility, with strong impact resistance

  • High heat resistance

  • Scratch resistance

  • Chemical inertness

  • Biobased BPA free

  • Easy to print


DURABIO™ is available in the original packaging of Mitsubishi Chemical.

Additional information

DURABIO™ is particularly designed for applications requiring exceptional visual appearance with scratch and impact resistance as well as chemical inertness.


In order to prevent moisture pick up and contamination, supplied packaging should be kept closed and undamaged. For the same reason, partially used bags should be sealed before re-storage. Allow the material that has been stored elsewhere to adapt to the temperature in the processing room while keeping the bag closed.


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300g, 750g

1.75mm, 2.85mm

Black, Clear, White