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Success Stories:

Doordash Inc. USA

Doordash Inc. USA
Kooka Paper Manufacturing
ROOTS Asia Pacific
Top Glove Corporation
Progressive Impact
Plexus Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing.
An industrial

Doordash, one of the largest vending machine maker in USA. They collaboration with us in advancing Additive Manufacturing, and we hope that AM will enable them to revolutionize their machine with cutting-edge designs, enhanced sustainability, and streamlined production processes.

RF Solutions Enterprise in action.

Iterate Better

Prove out new concepts with production-grade parts at a fraction of the cost of traditionally machined parts, empowering engineers and designers to make products that better meet customer requirements. Deload your in house machining capabilities from non revenue generating parts, or eliminate your reliance on external suppliers.

Produce Better

Augment production resources with robust tools and fixtures at the click of a button, with no skilled labor or machine supervision required. Access a comprehensive library of high-performance composites and alloys with unprecedented design freedom to produce the best-performing products to date. Drastically cut your tooling spend and labor outlay while producing higher-performing tools.

Service Better

Turn maintenance into a competitive advantage by providing customers with unparalleled expediency and quality with distributed manufacturing. Mitigate costly downtime with rapid response manufacturing.

Why invest in Additive Manufacturing

High-value manufacturing applications

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How to Buy

We’re here to help you find the best, most cost‑effective solution for your business, whether you’re a one-person team or 10,000 strong.


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