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Success Stories:

Progressive Impact

Doordash Inc. USA
Kooka Paper Manufacturing
ROOTS Asia Pacific
Top Glove Corporation
Progressive Impact
Plexus Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing.
An industrial

Solutions for product development company: Vending Machine Manufacture (Malaysia & United State)

*Customer Information disclouse as a parts of confidentials and private agreements.

RF Solutions Enterprise in action.

Why invest in Additive Manufacturing

✔️ High-strength 3D printing enables you to print truly functional parts

✔️ Up to 500s plastic, elastomer or metal to choose for your visualised or functional prototype

✔️ Best-in-class part accuracy on a wide variety of geometries ensure that prototypes and tools work the first time and every time after

✔️ Low down-time near to zero enable your reseach and development or project completed in time

✔️ Quickly print tools, prototypes, and replacement parts

✔️ Functional prototypes

✔️ Custom end-use parts

✔️ Prototype, first-run, and production tooling

✔️ Workholding

Other manufacturing stories.

P&H Engineering

P&H Engineering

P&H Engineering

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