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Polymaker Jam-Free™ 技术

Jam-Free™ 技术提高了 Polymaker PLA 长丝的热稳定性,软化温度超过 140 °C。因此,Polymaker 的 PLA 长丝在“冷端”表现出最小的软化,一旦进入加热区就可以迅速熔化,从而实现出色的打印质量,喷嘴堵塞的风险为零。


FormFutura® Spectrum Series Resin

This material offers excellent printability and cleaning properties. Using this resin allows you to clean prints by simply using water. Furthermore, the ingenuous color mixing concept of our Spectrum resins resulted in an impressive amount of 29 RAL colors that can be obtained by adding our Spectrum Color Pigments to the resin. You can even fine-tune your own colors by mixing pigments into a new color. 


FormFutura® Platinum Series Resin

Platinum LCD/SLA Series - General Purpose Resin is available in true clear, translucent and opaque colors and 3D prints almost odorless with extremely high accuracy and smooth surface finish.


Engineering and High Performance Resin

Formfutura’s Engineering LCD Series photopolymer 3D printing resins are specifically engineered for compatibility and excellent processability with all type of open source LCD / LED / MSLA 3D printers.