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3D 打印解决方案


工业可靠性和精度,具有颠覆性的价格点,具有最快的 CAD 到零件工作流程。

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Our offerings are custom-designed to meet your manufacturing needs.

ProMaker P1000 SLS 3D printed parts.jpg
ProMaker P1000 SLS 3D printed parts.jpg

Production-Grade Material

Work with the RF Solutions' Business & Industrials Solutions Team to create a customized, production-ready material specific to your application. Expanding research development in various fields and unlocking new frontiers in research, learning and manufacturing settings with an additive manufacturing platform offering a diverse set of advanced polymers and composites from the world's leading manufacturers.

Materials Expertise

World-class materials manufacture around the world will bring your idea from brainstorming to implementation with their expertise in filaments, resin and powder-based printing technologies.

Tailored Workflow

With a custom material comes settings and workflows to guarantee successful prints, and a process scoped for production-scale implementation.

Robust Materials Hubs

With more than 500+ materials in our materials hubs, including different type of polymer family, elastomer, and metal enable your R&D or project to be done without any hassle. 


Build Your Fleet

RF Solutions makes it simple to deploy and manage a fleet of 3D printers with different printing technology such as FDM, SLA, SLS, Metal and Plastic LPBF. The RF Solutions' Business & Industrials Solutions team will work closely with you to define the hardware, software, infrastructure, and consumables best-fit for your manufacturing needs.

Applications and Production Planning

Whether yours mainly focusing on researching work, prototyping, In-house tooling usage or monthly production goals are 100 parts or 100,000, We work with you to scope the setup you’ll need to maximize production and capabilities throughput and increase the ROI of the investment of 3D Printing to your industry applications.

Process Validation

Our team of technical experts can help validate your production workflow to ensure you deliver the highest quality parts possible.

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EasyPrint Industrials Essentials

Maximise the efficiency and decrease the cost of research and developments or prototype making process even without the knowledge of handling the 3D Printing works

Integrate 3D Printing without hassle

With dedicated person in charge and account manager, Our team is also your team which will help your project run smoothly and without any hassle. Now your team able to integrate 3D printing to your application even without any knowledge of 3D Printing.  

Maximise the productivity and efficiency

Increase the productivity by decreasing the down time, cost of maintenance. Get your ready to use parts even without the post processing work. With this your team able to save time on the printing work, post-processing including the time consume in fail print and also avoid the materials wastage.





让我们与众不同的是我们的平台——The Digital Craft。 Digital Craft 是基于云的、由人工智能驱动的,并且一直在改进。它结合了软件、3D 打印机和材料,实现了无缝连接。这使工程师和设计师能够更有效地从设计转向功能齐全的工业部件。

Printing Creative Objects

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