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Choose the filament attributes that meet your project or application needs.


Polymaker Jam-Free™ 技术

Jam-Free™ 技术提高了 Polymaker PLA 长丝的热稳定性,软化温度超过 140 °C。因此,Polymaker 的 PLA 长丝在“冷端”表现出最小的软化,一旦进入加热区就可以迅速熔化,从而实现出色的打印质量,喷嘴堵塞的风险为零。


Backed with Michelin Group 

As a product line of Fenner Precision Polymers, a Michelin Group company, NinjaTek is backed by 100 years of manufacturing, technical and commercial expertise in our industry. Fenner companies product lines support clients across a variety of industries including 3D printing, document handling, transportation, mining, agriculture, aerospace, climate control, material handling, food processing, and manufacturing. 

NinjaTek® produces specialty filament for end-users in the 3D printing industrial space. We leverage half a century of unmatched extrusion manufacturing experience, providing unique solutions through polyurethane integration.


Compare key features, benefits and attributes that meet your project or application needs.

NinjaFlex® 85A


Made from a specially formulated TPU, NinjaFlex® flexible 3D printer filament outpaces the competition thanks to superior pliability, longevity and consistent diameter.

Eel™ 90A


Eel™ is a flexible, conductive 3D printer filament with 355% elongation for repeated movement without wear or cracking.

NinjaFlex® Edge 83A


NinjaFlex® EDGE offers the best of both worlds: NinjaFlex flexibility and NinjaTek’s innovative printability. NinjaFlex EDGE provides incredible rebound – unlike anything in the market, and unparalleled print speeds for an 83A durometer.

Cheetah® 95A


Cheetah® flexible filament is fast and easy to print across all types of desktop 3D printers at ABS and PLA speeds. Other flexible materials on the market can’t keep up.

Chinchilla™ 75A


With the perfect combination of softness, feel and flexibility, Chinchilla™ has a low-tack, easy-to-feed texture for great printability. It's been tested to be skin-safe using EpiDerm™ Skin Model.

Armadillo® 75D


Armadillo® 3D printer filament is a rigid material, designed to withstand wear and tear. Plus, it provides 90% higher abrasion resistance than nylon materials.


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