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High-value electronics manufacturing applications


ROOTS Asia Pacific

Doordash Inc. USA
Kooka Paper Manufacturing
ROOTS Asia Pacific
Top Glove Corporation
Progressive Impact
Plexus Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing.
An industrial

RF Solutions Enterprise in action.

Fabricate Faster

Model and validate new concepts with same-day production-grade parts at a fraction of the cost of traditional manufacturing. Win new business by rapidly tooling and producing proof-of-concept parts with ESD safe materials. Expedite assembly and other labor-heavy tasks with custom ergonomic fixtures.

Produce Better

Unlock Product Performance Gains

Unlock Product Performance Gains

Access a comprehensive library of high-performance composites and alloys with unprecedented design freedom, unlocking a step change in product performance.

Why invest in Additive Manufacturing

✔️ Print any plastic, continuous fibers, elastomer and metals on a single platform

✔️ Quickly print tools, prototypes, and replacement parts

✔️ Continuous fiber reinforced parts deliver near-metal strength with the ease of plastic 3D printing

✔️ Reliable systems always run when you need them to

✔️ Low down-time near to zero enable your reseach and development or project completed in time

High-value Consumer Packaged Goods

✔️ Durable, complex assembly jigs

✔️ Lightweight grippers/ end-of-arm-tooling

✔️ High-strength brackets and sensor mounts

✔️ Functional prototypes

✔️ Welding hardware: fixtures, shanks, splatter guards

✔️ Ergonomic/fit prototypes

✔️ Brazing fixtures

Other manufacturing stories.


Polymaker 的各种系列,如 PolyLite™、PolyMax™、PolyFlex™、PolyMide™ 以及最适合您打印要求的特种灯丝 


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