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Mosquito™ Hotend

Eliminate Heat Creep. Mosquito

The Mosquito® Magnum

Finish projects up to 30% faster without sacrificing resolution or increasing weight. Unlock engineering-grade plastics up to 500 °C all while using standard length nozzles. 

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The Mosquito®

The Mosquito® Hotend is designed for high-performance applications. It reimagines how a hotend is designed and structured from the ground up.

The Mosquito® Liquid 

Uses the same Mosquito® Hotend technology, but optimized for liquid cooling in heated enclosures. Features Slice’s renowned Bimetallic Heat Break™ technology.

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The Mosquito® Magnum+

To put it bluntly, Magnum+ is the highest performing hotend on the market today. With over 70 variations, you can configure your own personalized Magnum+ .

The Mosquito® 

• Eliminates heat creep
• Reduces jamming
• Cuts retractions in half
• Rigid structure accommodates one-handed nozzle change™
• Copper hot block for superior performance
• Access to engineering-grade plastics
• Universally adaptable to various mounting options
• Perfect for multi-extrusion setups

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