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Transform Your Vision –into Production.

LPBF Plastic 3D Printing Solutions

High-speed 3D printing for production with LPBF technology, and batch production of fully dense, customer-ready parts, with excellent surface quality and specialty materials, including both plastic and metal.

Your Production Tools for Industrial Plastic AM

Farsoon provides world-class industrial-grade plastic Laser Powder Bed Fusion LPBF solutions including systems, materials and software for your direct additive manufacturing needs. With systems featuring open parameter sets and capable of achieving processing chamber temperatures between 190 °C ~ 280 °C Farsoon offers a greater range of flexibility and freedom for machine operation and material selection.

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Quality finished, end-use products

Consumer-facing products that require a high-quality finishing such as clips, eye-wear, consumer electronic cases and headphones.

Molds, and robust load bearing parts

Brackets, mold tools, machine components, jigs, adapters, manifolds and manufacturing aids.

Functionally enhanced parts

Parts with movement such as hinges, gears and clips; electric protection connectors, improved impact resistance or such as shatter-proof trims, durable housings and covers.

Compatible materials

FarSoon FS1092A-TPU

FS1092A-TPU is designated for ease of processing with laser sintering technology. Parts produced with FS1092A-TPU features high flexural modulus, flexibility and durable performance. The stable white color of the material, as well as excellent surface quality of the produced parts allows ease of post-processing through polishing, coating and dying --- making it the natural choice for many industry and consumer applications including orthopedic models, car interior components, fashion accessories and more.

FarSoon FS1088A-TPU

FS1088A-TPU is a multi-purpose thermoplastic polyurethane powder that suits typical applications requiring excellent elongation, strength, extensive flexibility and shock absorption. From customized shoes soles, sports protection equipment, medical device, orthopedic components to industrial tools, these are only some examples of its applications.

FarSoon FS8100PPS-GF (PPS)

Especially optimized for laser sintering processing, the FS8100PPS-GF material showcases excellent flowability, enhanced built parts suits many industrial, high-temperature environment. Fully tested and validated on Farsoon’s high-temperature, open machine platform 252P, the comprehensive processing parameters are ready boast your additive production.

FarSoon FS4100PA (PA11)

Offering superior strength and durability, and an industry legacy in extreme applications around the world, the FS4100PA is an advanced bio-based material with validated processing parameter stand ready for your production.

FarSoon FS6140GF (PA6)

The all new PA6 based FS6140GF powder reinforced with glass fiber delivers excellent mechanical and thermal properties. Our advanced material formular goes one step beyond for optimal rigidity, media tightness and enhanced thermal resistance performance, making it well-suited for functional prototyping and direct end-use parts for a wide range of technical application.

FarSoon FS3250MF (PA12)

Farsoon’s reinforced Mineral Fiber Filled PA12 Material is designated to suit a wide range of advanced technical applications. Building on the chemical base of reinforced PA12, FS3250MF boasts extremely high rigidity, enhanced thermal performance and low contractive rate.

View our Plastic LPBF Machine.

Large-format Manufacturing Platform

With the idea of delivering an industrial-focused system targeted towards driving additive into the industrial manufacturing realm, Farsoon created the large-format plastic manufacturing platform with open architecture to increase throughput both in matters of speed and productivity at a high value proposition.



The Largest Plastic Laser Powder Bed Fusion System with Continuous Production Capacity

Medium-sized Production Platform

In pursuit of series production of high-quality parts at an extremely attractive prices, Farsoon has keep innovating on the flagship medium-sized platform that are versatile and robust. The latest application of Flight Technology leads to a more powerful and improved throughput for commercialized production.


FLIGHT® 403P Series

The Next Generation of High speed Laser Sintering. Impressive Detail Resolution.


FLIGHT® 403P-2 Series

Maximized Plastic LPBF Production speed & Turn-over rate. With FLIGHT® Technology Dual-laser Configuration


403P Series

Flagship Plastic LPBF Production System tried & trusted by global industrial users

Compact & Flexible Platform

Farsoon’s compact-sized plastic AM systems are well accessible for the research environment as well as well versatile small batch production, while offering robust super temperature capabilities from up to 220°C to 280°C. The new application of Fiber laser configuration helps to access a much wider range of process-able materials and operational flexibility.


FLIGHT® 252P Series

A Powerful + Flexible Platform for Material Development And High-temperature Applications


252P Series

A Powerful + Super Temperature industrial 3D printer  for your additive manufacturing needs



Accessible industrial Plastic Laser Sintering machine for your additive manufacturing needs

Compared Metal LPBF Printer Model

Compared with all powder based plastic machine

Specification information provided by officials manufacture published. 

Approx. Investment Cost in MYR.


Industrial Solutions

With RF Solutions Enterprise 3d printer machine, materials, and services work together to deliver a seamless experience that just works. You can start a project, research and development with our materials or component. We provide alternative way and variety of materials selection for your R&D purposed.

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