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​is wholly owned by, but independently operated from, Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation (MCHC).
MCHC, with over 68,000 employees, has its origins in the design and production of feedstock raw materials. Based upon this background, MCPP began its journey to become a specialist in the compounding of performance polymers.

Research & development

We have several locations around the world where our researchers work diligently on the development of new materials, modifications of pre-existing materials and analysis of their printing behavior. Fully equipped laboratories are available in which we can analyze and measure a huge range of properties.


Compounding & Extrusion

As we have our own high-tech compounding equipment, we are able to keep all developments in-house. It also gives us an edge over other competitors who have their compounding done externally. The extrusion park consists of our own in-house developed extrusion technology and is ever expanding with the growing demand for more filament types and quantity. This includes our highly effective analytical equipment.

Print & Testlab

The QC & Printlab enables us to completely control the quality of the filaments that we produce. The Printlab is also utilized to evaluate new developments and support our partners with recommended print settings.



3DIAKON™ PMMA or Poly(methyl methacrylate) is a transparent thermoplastic. It is known as having excellent weathering and UV stability combined with excellent impact performance and stiffness. PMMA is characterized as a transparent material (more transparent after post processing) and it is reasonable easy to print.


  • Strong, lightweight and rigid material

  • High impact resistant

  • Good abrasion resistance

  • Transparent and glossy after post processing (sanding)

  • UV resistance

  • BPA free



DURABIO™ developed for 3D FFF/FDM printing is a transparent bio-based engineering material developed by Mitsubishi Chemical. DURABIO™ is a transparent polymer with a high transparency similar to PMMA but with a much better impact behavior and improved heat resistance. DURABIO™ beats the well-known inferior properties of PC in regards to scratch resistance, hardness and chemical resistance. That is why DURABIO™ closes the gap between PC and PMMA.


  • Excellent optical and mechanical properties

  • Superb UV-resistance

  • Ductility, with strong impact resistance

  • High heat resistance

  • Scratch resistance

  • Chemical inertness

  • Biobased BPA free

  • Easy to print

Printing Creative Objects

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